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Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
HGBS600 Hydrofarm Bonsai Shears 60mm

Bonsai Shears 60mm

* Surgical stainless steel holds sharper edge longer * Right or left handed use Ultra-light simplistic design * Ultra-light simplistic design * Ideal...


WSCA02 Wingscapes Camera A/C Power Adapter

Camera A/C Power Adapter

The A/C adapter allows users to power the camera from a regular wall outlet. Six-foot cord. INDOOR USE ONLY.


WSCA01 Wingscapes Camera Solar Power Panel

Camera Solar Power Panel

The Wingscapes' PowerPanel ensures a continued power source for the BirdCam and the PlantCam. With the PowerPanel you never have to worry about...


HGSP62140 H. D. Hudson Manufacturing Co. Chameleon Adaptable Hose End Sprayer

Chameleon Adaptable Hose End Sprayer

The Chameleon Hose End Sprayer adapts to fit multiple bottle sizes, so you don't have to risk spilling or touching chemicals. Just attach bottles...


HGWK Hydrofarm Coil Hose w/ Nozzle

Coil Hose w/ Nozzle

50' coiled EVA hose kit includes 2 plastic quick connectors, one tap adaptor, and one 4-setting spray nozzle.


FC9638 Fiskars Comfort Grip Floral Snips

Comfort Grip Floral Snips

Whether you're trimming an entire garden or want precision control over a few snips, don't sacrifice comfort. Use these Fiskars Comfort Grip Floral...


HGSPRAY48 Hydrofarm Compressed air sprayer w/45 angle nozzle, 48 oz

Compressed air sprayer w/45 angle nozzle, 48 oz

Hydrofarm Sprayers * Made out of resistant super strong plastic * 48 oz. compressed air comes with both a regular spray nozzle and a 45 angle nozzle...


HGHOGCK Hydrofarm Connector Kit for HOG Storage Tank

Connector Kit for HOG Storage Tank

This kit is normally included with the purchase of a HOG. The air vent allows air in the HOG tank to escape as it fills with rainwater. With proper...


gro1shear Gro 1 Curved tip floral shears

Curved tip floral shears

Curved tip floral shears. Very Durable


BAO120 Hydrofarm Duplex Receptacle 120v 20A

Duplex Receptacle 120v 20A

Commercial Grade Duplex. 120/20A UL listed input receptacle


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