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Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
HGPT Hydrofarm Hydrofarm Plant Tie 150ft x 1/2", 8mil

Hydrofarm Plant Tie 150ft x 1/2", 8mil

Flowers, plants, and trees don't usually get up and walk away on their own, but a small gust of wind at even the lowest miles-per-hour can wreak...


HGSS Hydrofarm Hydrofarm Seed Sower

Hydrofarm Seed Sower

Tired of disturbing seeds in their fragile settings and don't want to get your hands dirty? Employ a Hydrofarm seed sower. Multiple openings evenly...


HGSPRAY40 Hydrofarm Hydrofarm Sprayer 40oz

Hydrofarm Sprayer 40oz

40 ounce (1,200 ml) hand held pressure sprayer/mister with adjustable nozzle. Features a thumb-activated lock to keep in "on" position and easy...


IGSMUG International Grower Supplies International Measure Mug

International Measure Mug

Cross references all values for easy measuring, Sturdy, easily readable, large capacity & ergonomic Ideal for home, lawn, garden or kitchen....


HGMC2508 Hydrofarm Measuring Cup w/logo - 8 oz / 250ml

Measuring Cup w/logo - 8 oz / 250ml

The Hydrofarm Measuring Cup holds and measures up to 8 oz. or 250ml. Ideal for home, lawn, garden or kitchen. Dishwasher safe, permanent markings,...


HGMC400 Hydrofarm Mini Clipper

Mini Clipper

* Convenient pocket size * Surgical stainless steel holds a sharper edge longer * Right or left handed use * Use for precise detail


HGMHS Hydrofarm Mini Hanzo Snips

Mini Hanzo Snips

Ultra-lightweight Spring-action handle and carbon steel blade for accurate cuts Ideal size for precision cutting and trimming


HGMMSG Hydrofarm Mini Measure Shot Glass, 12 per pack

Mini Measure Shot Glass, 12 per pack

Note - This item is priced by the case. Individual shot glasses retail for $3.55 each. The Mini Measure Shot Glass is ideal for home, lawn, garden or...


MONDIG400 Mondi Mondi Premium Mist 'N Spray

Mondi Premium Mist 'N Spray

* Superior quality, small capacity tank sprayer for the garden or home. * Designed to provide maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use. *...


MONDIG450 Mondi Mondi Telescopic Water Wands

Mondi Telescopic Water Wands

Enjoy comfort while providing the water plants thirst for. The Mondi Telescopic Water Wand features a soft showering head that lets water flow gently...


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