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Plant Care

Plant Care

Model+ Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
No Spider Mites No Spider Mites 16 fl oz RTU

No Spider Mites 16 fl oz RTU



No Spider Mites No Spider Mites 32 oz RTU

No Spider Mites 32 oz RTU



AD207057 Grodan/Pargro Metal Needles for 60CC Syringe

Metal Needles for 60CC Syringe

Used by the pros to take water samples deep inside a Grodan stonewool block or slab for better pH and EC analysis. Fits any standard Luer-Lock...


AD207079 Grodan/Pargro 60ml Syringe with plastic needle for EC/pH tests

60ml Syringe with plastic needle for EC/pH tests

The perfect tool for watering Rockwool. The syringe with a needle made from 1/4" tubing allows you to easily take a water sample from your Rockwool....


AELC Active Eye Active Eye Cap Light

Active Eye Cap Light

Turn any baseball cap or other headwear with a brim into a self-powered way to light the night with the Active Eye Cap Light. This small, light...


AELF Active Eye Active Eye Flashlight

Active Eye Flashlight

Choose a flashlight that is good for you -- and your plants. The Active Eye flashlight shines a beam of green light through its 9 powerful,...


AELH Active Eye Active Eye Head Lamp

Active Eye Head Lamp

Go hands free with your lighting without disturbing your plants' photosynthesis process. This Active Eye head light features a wraparound nylon strap...


AELW Active Eye Active Eye Work Light

Active Eye Work Light

Once you try the bright light of the Active Eye Work Light, you'll want to pass the torch on other torch lamps. This rechargeable LED work light...


AEM100 Active Eye Active Eye Microscope, 100X

Active Eye Microscope, 100X

The Active Eye line of microscopes uses super-bright LED bulbs to illuminate your specimens. Ideal for identifying strains of plants, cutting work,...


AEM30 Active Eye Active Eye Loupe, 30X

Active Eye Loupe, 30X

Get targeted, optimal illumination with the Active Eye loupe. The loupe works by the light of an intensely bright LED bulb, getting you 30x closer...


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