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Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
IGCB HydroHut Hydro Hut Control Board

Hydro Hut Control Board

HydroHut Controller Mounting Board Mount all of your controllers, timers and gauges in minutes Installs into any HydroHut in minutes from main Hut...


HH10X10 HydroHut HydroHut Estate 10X10

HydroHut Estate 10X10

10 feet 7 inches square and 84" tall (127" x 127" x 84") weight 297


HH24 HydroHut Silver Edition, Hut 2X4'

Silver Edition, Hut 2X4'

Exterior Dimensions: 55" x 28" x 78" Specifications Weight: 37.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 57.0L x 14.0W x 6.3H Warranty: 1 Year


HH33 HydroHut Silver Edition, Hut 3X3'

Silver Edition, Hut 3X3'

Exterior Dimensions: 40" x 40" x 78" Specifications Weight: 37.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 42.0L x 14.0W x 7.3H Warranty: 1 Year


HH4X4 HydroHut Silver Edition, Hut 4X4'

Silver Edition, Hut 4X4'

Exterior Dimensions: 55" x 55" x 84" Specifications Weight: 48.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 57.0L x 14.0W x 7.5H Warranty: 1 Year


HH4X6 HydroHut Silver Edition, Hut 4X6

Silver Edition, Hut 4X6

Exterior Dimensions: 78" x 55.5" x 84" Specifications Weight: 68.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 57.3L x 12.5W x 7.8H Warranty: 1 Year


HH4X8 HydroHut Silver Edition, Hut 4X8'

Silver Edition, Hut 4X8'

Exterior Dimensions: 55" x 110" x 84" Specifications Weight: 81.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 57.5L x 18.8W x 7.8H Warranty: 1 Year


HH5X5 HydroHut Silver Edition, Hut 5X5

Silver Edition, Hut 5X5

Exterior Dimensions: 62" x 62" x 84" Specifications Weight: 60.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 66.0L x 13.0W x 8.0H Warranty: 1 Year


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