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Apollo 3 (33 site system)


Fast Growth and Ease of Use!

Before marketing, the Apollo 3 System underwent extensive growing tests. The results convinced us that no other system is capable of producing such rapid growth.

Twinning the two deep channels created the "double-channel root chamber." This innovation allows the roots of your plants the necessary space for maximum growth in total darkness.

The Apollo 3 System's atomization spraying procedure is highly efficient. It creates a molecular vortex all around the roots with the on-coming under-pressure nutrients perfectly atomized and hydrogenized. It then facilitates easy root absorption for a spectacular growth.

Putting in an anti-root strip above the return channel of nutrients allows elimination of lengthy soaking of roots in nutrient surplus. This process allows the Apollo 3 System to maintain an ideal aeroponic environment during the entire culture cycle.

The Apollo 3 provides adjustable lighting support to maximize zone lighting. Our supports adapt to most available reflectors now on the market. With culture area having a surface of 400 mm x 1200 mm (16 x 48 in.), you have access at all times to your plants and their roots. You can increase your culture surface at all times.

The Apollo 3 eliminates risks of water damage and the large tank cover is movable for easy access to nutrients and to pump. Constructrion is ABS-type plastic plus metal to reduce risk of cross contamination and facilitate upkeep. The graduated tank means easy nutrient mixing and is easy to empty.

The high pressure (40 PSI) feeding system is capable of giving each of the pulverizers the ideal needed pressure for perfect atomization of nutritive solution. What's more, as all the plumbing feeding links are found inside the culture tubs or the feeding tank, this ensures better protection against water leaks.

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