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22 X 22 Tray Lid


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American Agritech grow tray lids provide increased versatility to the grow trays. Combining a lid and grow tray instantly enables the user to utilize either aeroponic drip or ebb and flow feed methods. The lids are available with pre-drilled holes or blank allowing the user to drill holes themselves. The high quality lids are made from the same high-impact ABS as the grow trays. Top Watering Drip Method The most popular among commercial applications: leaching of salt build up smaller reservoirs and less nutrients are just a few of the positive traits of a drip system.

Ebb and Flow is the method of flooding and draining plastic grow trays. Versatile in application ideal for seedlings cuttings vegetating young plants and for full term crop production. Ebb & flow systems need large reservoirs in order to inhibit salt build up in the growing substrate and to allow ample water volume to flood the grow trays. Aeroponics Trays with a lid or a round plastic pipe contain a high pressure mist within achieving a very high level of oxygen charged nutrient solution for greater nutrient and water uptake. Uses a sequence timer for optimum blasts of solution to the root zone.

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  • Model: BCGTL22X22W

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