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Are you tired of feeling out of control when unwanted flower types appear and threaten to ruin your crop? Take back control now with REVERSE! The amazing, technically advanced weapon of mass unwanted flower destruction of Dutch Master!

* REVERSE prevents and stops unwanted flower type production dead in its tracks! Through our study and specialized use of unique plant fats called "Phospholipids", Dutch Master is now able to end to your unwanted flower problems- Once and For All!
* Fast and effective knockdown of existing unwanted flowers! Does your heart stop when you see an unwanted flower type in your garden? Think of all the lost time and effort you can save with the incredibly fast knockdown action of REVERSE. Dutch Master's technical engineering ensures fast, effective knockdown of those troublesome flowers, usually within 24 to 48 hours!
* For use on cucurbits and dual sexed plants! REVERSE is your frontline weapon for the prevention of unwanted flowers in dual sexed plants. The unique engineering contained within REVERSE can, in most cases, prevent dual sexed traits from ever appearing! This saves you time and money when dealing with dual sex sensitive crops such as Cucurbits!
* Increases female flower formation! Dutch Master! REVERSE is a powerful tool for increasing the set of female flowers in your garden. Our unique "Phospholipids" technology not only stops unwanted flowers dead but also dramatically increases the number and set of female flowers. So put an end to all of your unwanted flower worries and get back in control with REVERSE! Part of the "Clinically Proven" program of the Dutch Master foliar sprays!

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