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Substra Flores A 1 LT


Made for fast growing plants, CANNA Substra Flores A and B is a two-part nutrient that contains all the ingredients your plants need during the flowering stage.

Substra Flores A and B contains less nitrogen with increased potassium and phosphorous to feed your plants what they need to produce superior flowers and fruits.

This formula is rich in trace elements provided in a directly absorbable form.

You can use CANNA Substra on all types of inert growing mediums where the drainage water is not returned to a nutrient tank but drains away, such as with Run-to-Waste / Open hydroponic systems.

Application rate:

Dilute equal amounts of Substra Flores A & B in water.

Use 15 ml (about 0.51 oz) per gallon (1:250 ratio).

Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2

Shake well before use. Read label for further instructions.

Root Formation - Canna recommends using Substra Vega A & B and Rhizontonic.

Vegetative Stage - Canna recommends using Substra Vega A & B, Rhizontonic and CannaZym.

Blooming Phase - Canna recommends using Substra Flores A & B, Rhizontonic, CannaZym and CannaBoost Accelerator, adding PK 13/14 once small fruits develop.

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