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LED 360 watt grow light


Our enhanced spectrum lights are a proprietary blend of 11 wavelengths of color output using all 3w/3chip LEDs. This is the top of the line LED grow light in quality and performance standards bar none!

The biggest breakthrough in LED grow light technology, period!

Our 360 Watt LED grow lights are extremely potent and capable of matching the usable output of a 600 watt HID system. This 360w LED light is for people who are serious about high yield, low-overhead indoor growing, and the feedback that we have been hearing about our 360 watt LED growing lights has been fantastic. These efficient systems can cover an area of about 4'x4', so you can fuel a nice, thick, healthy garden with the 360 watt LEDs.

The operative difference that makes our 360 watt LED grow lights superior to the inefficient HIDs is that the light that is provided by the LEDs is all within the usable red and blue portions of the spectrum. This light is easily absorbed by the plants' chlorophyll molecules that are so vital to the photosynthesis process. Our LED grow lights are the safe, efficient, and green choice for the modern indoor gardening enthusiast while also producing the top quality harvest growers require

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