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LED 740 watt grow light


Our enhanced full spectrum lights are a tested blend of colors that produce the highest yeild per watt of any LED grow light. Our 740w LED is the most powerful LED grow light available with 3w USA Made LEDs and 11 wavelengths of color output.

740w LED Grow Light with Powerful New 3w LED Technology

Don't be confused by the name, this light will grow your plants from seed to harvest with extreme growth in all stages. Our unique color blend will quickly grow dense vegetation and produce heavy flower growth without changing any bulbs or adjusting any color ratios.

The biggest breakthrough in LED grow light technology, period!

Get maximum yield without heat issues, high electricity costs and bug problems that you get when using HID lights. LEDs provide the unique blend of color that make plants grow extremely fast and produce such large flowers and fruits. LEDs are used by some of the top commercial growers in the country with top quality harvests.

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