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Power Expander 120V 15A


PWX Power Expanders Power Expanders allow you to turn on more high powered loads (such as horticultural lamps) from a timer or environmental controller. Usually the electrical outlet for your timer or controller can only service a single 1000w lamp without tripping the circuit breaker. By utilizing other outlets (on separate circuit breakers) more lamps can be added and still be controlled by your timer. These Power Expanders have ready to go outlets (120V or 240V depending on model), a 10ft trigger cord (that sends a low power turn-on signal from the timer or controller) and a power cord that plugs into the outlet on the separate circuit breaker. Multiple Power Expanders can be used to control a large number of devices.

The PWX-240 and PWX-240S (not pictured) Power Expanders are similar to the PWX-1 except they control 240V devices. The Power Cord connects to a 240V 30A service. The trigger cord has a 120V plug. This lets a 120V controller operate 240V lamps. There are six 240V outlets allowing control of up to six 1000W lamps. The PWX-240 turns all outlets on at once. The PWX-240S sequences two outlets on, 20 seconds later the next two, and 20 seconds later the final two. This allows time for the start-up current surge ("inrush") of two lamps to finish before the next two create their inrush current. This reduces circuit breaker tripping and other electrical problems.

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  • Model: SOLPWXD20

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