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Cannazym 5LT


CANNAZYM is a whole new class of intelligent enzymology plant protectors from Holland. It sets the benchmark for this natural biocatalyst, medium decomposer and improver that contains an integrated blend of more than fifteen different enzymes and special vitamins. It works by rapidly breaking down dead roots into minerals and sugars to allow for new healthier roots to form, maximising nutrient uptake.

In conjunction with this, CANNAZYM captures rare desert plants which add superior, increased levels to the plants natural immune system to protect against soil pathogens. Additional biogrowth stimulants enhance overall plant growth and chemical reactions within the plant to guarantee a healthier, more powerful plant. This product has worked for all of our professional and hobbyist growers, time after time. A real winner!

Cannazym also contains several easy-to-absorb vitamins that stimulate the plant to form new roots. A well-developed root system uses a lot of young growing points. Elements like calcium, magnesium and iron are absorbed exactly by these growing points.

The above-mentioned information also explains why Cannazym is indispensable with the reuse of growing substrates: the root remains will be rapidly broken down and transformed into advantageous nutrients; infections will be prevented and the air/water relation in the root environment will be improved.

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