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Bio Boost .25 LT


BIOCANNA Bio Boost is a naturally fermented plant extract that is 100% organic. Developed for use during the blooming stage, this supplement stimulates the development of newly formed flowers to generate fuller fruit with more flavor!

When you use BIOCANNA Bio Boost your plants manufacture more fructose, making them healthier and stronger. Oligosaccharides stimulate the immune response so your plants are more resistant to disease.

Bio Boost is developed from plant extracts that are found in tropical rainforests. The numerous bioactive substances it contains increases your plants metabolism, which is exactly what they need during the blooming period. The end result? Strong healthy plants,Increased yields
Larger fruit Improved aroma and flavor

Application rate:
Apply Bio Boost at first signs of blooming.
Use 8 ml (about 0.27 oz) per gallon water (1:500 ratio).
Add to nutrient reservoir or apply as foliar spray.

Read label for further information.

A vegetable based fertilizer supplement, BIOCANNA Bio Boost is OMRI listed for organic gardening. It works well with all cultivation systems and can be applied as a foliar spray.

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